Monday, March 22, 2010

Lenten Series #32: Spring Break Service Trip III

What a day! I woke up a lil cold because I think the church heat cuts
off at a certain time at night, but it was good because I woke up at
630am, got a shower and mentally prepared myself for the day's journey.
We visited Ebenezer Baptist. I did not know this before wee visited but
it was their 124th church anniversary. I think that experience was great
for the students. It was a lil long so we left right after the sermon.
Raphael Warnock , their pastor , did not preach because they had a guest
who happened to be one of his mentors.

The handbell choir ministered through bell ringing and the dance
ministry accompanied the musical worship of one of Ebenezer new members,
Jennifer Holiday. YES the original DreamGirls, Jennifer Holiday!!! She
sang and sang some more. She did an arrangement of Come Sunday by Duke
Ellington and then gave her own testimony through the old skool
Spiritual "How I Got Over". What a blessing she brings to Ebenezer and
brought to those of us visiting.

Several others things happened today that is noteworthy. We had lunch at
Mary Macs, a southern cuisine restaurant where we had good southern
sunday dinner. A good friend of mine Shannon joined us for lunch and
she talked with us about how her graduate work in public health at Emory
and how mental health is and should be a deep concern when addressing

Later that evening we gathered with the youth of our host church in
Douglassville. We played 4squares with them (which was a new game for
most of my Grinnell students), had an evening meal, then we talked to
them about why we are here this week and about college life in general.

There is more to this day, but I am falling asleep as I type this by way
of my phone. Maybe illl update tomorrow.

Peace, Love, and Prosperity,

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Anonymous said...

Rev. Michael - so glad that you arrived safely and here we are now just one day before you all head back to Grinnell. IA weather next week - 70's...but as far as your drive Sat. I'm afraid you will be driving home in the rain. See you soon! And may God be your pilot in your travels! -c