Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lenten Series #31: Spring Break Service Trip II

We just landed in ATL. Let me say, I don't know what is happening in the
midwest with weather, but it best be spring when we get back next week!
I am writing this while we are taxing the runway (but prob won't post
til later. I am grateful for the students who have taken this journey
with me. I pray that this trip is empowering for them in many ways. I
am also grateful for the people who have helped make this trip possible.
From my coworkers and boss at Grinnell, to those who will host us in
different ways. I am thrilled by what God I going to do.

Traveling today was insane. I was extremely nervous as I drove on icy
roads as snow, yes I said it, SNOW, came down beginning in Grinnell
where it continued to follow us (or we followed it) to Kansas City
(where we flew from to get to ATL). The weather was crazy but the
students were great. They made sure all luggage was taken care of and
they have been doing an awesome job self-governing themselves out of

When we arrived to the church we are staying our host Elizabeth greeted
us. It was great seeing Elizabeth!! I am excited and grateful that she
agreed to host us at the church is has been appointed to in
Douglasville. As I drove from the airport car rental spot (which is new
to ATL, nice, and annoying all at the same time) I thought and
reminisced the great times I had in ATL via Candler/Emory. The many
friends, the great professors, the dialogues, comraderies, challenges.

Please pray for this experience. This is not a religious gathering,
rather a social justice initiative But I, being who I am, cannot do
such work without hearing Jesus voice as he talked to Peter at the end
of the Gospel of John, "If you love me, feed my sheep!". I pray that as
we tend to God's children this week that we be forever reminded that our
love for God is and must be tied up with our love for all of humanity.

Peace, Love, and Prosperity,

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