Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lenten Series #33: Spring Break Service Trip - Traveling

It’s true, have not blogged in a few days because our days were long and exhaustive.  I decided this week; I would double up on my bogging (especially since this in my week off). Instead of having one blog detailing everything we did during the service trip or outlining each day, I will use the blogs to present a few themes that stood out during the week.  

We arrived safely back to Grinnell late Saturday evening. What a drive! We flew by way of Kansas City but had to drive like 4 hours back to Grinnell.  The weather initially was cold and rainy in Kansas City, but as we headed back the rain stopped and it was actually very nice once we got into Iowa.  I must have had a great sleep on the plane because I was able to drive a lil over three hours straight. I normally have to stop at like the 2hr mark. I think it was a combination of having good sleep on the plane, and the students who returned kept lively conversations going. I could probably go all four hours, but it had become dark, we were hungry, and I knew that a break would not be a bad idea. Not all the students returned to Grinnell. The great thing about our spring break is that it is TWO WEEKS!! How exciting! The Chaplain’s Office Spring Break Service trip is also unique because the alternative break service trips are for the entire two weeks, but our office only does one week of service, so that the participants can have a break during the second week. This is also why I am taking this upcoming week off, and I am ecstatic! So some of the students caught flights from either ATL or Kansas City, and some had friends or were from those areas so they went their separate ways at the airports. We had grown so close over the week that everyone was hugging and giving heartfelt goodbye. It was very cute and exciting and made me smile.  I am even considering hosting reunion dinner at my apartment for them either near the end of the semester or the beginning of the next academic year.

I find when I drive with others in the car I drive more cautious and a lil nervous.  It was exacerbated by the fact that I was driving a 12 passenger van. It went well, but I do wish that I did not have to drive and could have spent more time in travel getting to know my students.  They kept me entertained. I was excited that they constantly switched up who would ride “shotgun”. This person was also given control of the radio, so we listened to a variety of music. they also were responsible for helping me with directions. I am grateful that my friend Elizabeth allowed us to use her GPS, but there were a few times when we still got lost.  For this reason i tried my best to be sure we gave ourselves enough travel time. The students did not understand this fully.  they thought i had them getting up early for no reason, neglecting to think about what it meant to be stuck in ATL traffic and also how I am responsible for their safety.  I did not realize the stress that i would have to take on in order to be sure we arrived where we needed to go and that everyone arrived in one piece.  Nevertheless, we made it to everything and there were no major injuries during the week. I was prepared though. We had their emergency contact sheets and even copies of their medical cards, in just in case something crazy went down.  But thanks be to God, All went well.

Peace, Love, and Prosperity, 

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