Friday, March 12, 2010

Lenten Series #23: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Yesterday, the students invited some local farmers toc ampus and had a small bizarre where you could purchase local foods. I ended up buying some fresh honey and a jar of apple butter. I am hoping to join their local food share program, especially during the summer because the dining hall is closed.  

The honey was awesome!!  Plus, he said that it never spoils. I thought when it crystallized the honey was no longer any good. He told me to run the bottle under warm/hot water and you are good to go (only recommended that with the organic, fresh honey). I laughingly said, “Ohh right this is the good stuff, not that store brought stuff!”, and he responded” Well it is not processed, but I really want to get it in the stores.”  

Just from that statement I was made me aware of my ignorance.  The farmers don’t want to only sell at bizarre or local farms gatherings, but in the marketplace. I thought he would have a chip on his shoulder about the markets or the larger processing plants or that he was doing this as a side job(which he is, but he wants more). What I heard was that he wants to be connected to a place where he could provide his goods to a larger pool of consumers.

Today for dinner I had leftovers!! Frozen leftovers that I thawed. I have quite a few meals bagged I the freezer.  I think I get this habit from one of my adopted grandmothers. We call her Dollbaby. Every time I come in town or stopped by their house, she could always whip up a meal from leftovers, and I always left satisfied.  “Let me see what I got down in the freezer” she would say. I honestly appreciate this habit because since i am cooking only for me now, I seem to always have plenty of leftovers (especially because I shoop economically) and instead of trying to eat it all or throwing it away (spoiled in the refrigerator), I bag them up, label with date, and put it in the freezer!  This has indeed helped me to save money and this habit will continue until I am as rich as Bill Gates ( by the way, he is no longer the riches person I the world!!)

Tomorrow, our black student group is having a soul-food potluck. I am scheduled to make macaroni and cheese. i think I am going to also try to make carrot soufflĂ©. We shall see how it goes. I am happy for them that they are doing this and so I volunteered to help. I love cooking and more importantly when people enjoy my cooking. 

Moreover, The food on campus is bland and missing the soul. As I miss being in Baltimore and Atlanta, I also miss the sharing and fellowshipping that happened with friends and family as we cooked together and feasted together.  I will probably  cook in my apartment (because I have the capacity to and not to utilize all the smaller  space they have for cooking)  and then take the prepared items over to where the student are cooking,  and spend some time with them as they put the soul in the food!

Peace, Love, and Prosperity, 

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