Sunday, March 22, 2009

Nancy Eiesland Is Dead at 44; Wrote of a Disabled God - Obituary (Obit) -

Michael A. Hunt
7:28pm Mar 22nd
Nancy Eiesland Is Dead at 44; Wrote of a Disabled God - Obituary (Obit) -

What a beautiful woman, who accepted her disability as an attribute of God. although i did not take a class with her, conversations were always pleasant and left you seeing the world anew. I am glad that I was able to attend and participate with the Candler Singers in her memorial. I learned a lot from her life today through those in her immediate circle of friends and colleagues. She was said to be one who embrace even the things she could not change. Seeing her around campus in her scooter, she always had a smile on her face, even when she was telling it like it is!! Nancy Eiesland will be missed, but we are blessed that she left us with her writings and teachings

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What next???

I am Always losing things. I don't know what it is but I can't keep up
with 5 essential things in my life 1. My wallet 2. My keys 3. My phone
4. My eyeglasses 5. My sanity. It got so bad that last week I lost my
keys while trying to find my wallet. LOL. I always seem to find them so
I guess they are just misplaced. Saturday I left my credit card at
longhorn. Ughhh. Maybe I am just too busy for my own good. Ha ohh well
that's life.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Call to Action

Today, I was blessed to attend to different churches, one Central UMC, where a classmate, Ann Lister, was preaching, and Ebenezer Baptist where civil rights activist Joseph Lowery was the guest preacher. Two powerful sermons, both calling us to action.

Ann, spoke about the fact that healing is available now,"Time for Healing is Now" for our community and if we humble ourselves, pray, seek gods face, and turn form our wicked ways. She connected the generational prophetic music of Marvin Gaye and TI. Saying that TI represents a new generation that is dealing the same problems of the past. But there is hope cause God is ready to heal using 2 Chronc. 7: 14 as her focal scriptural point. one point that stood out to me was her saying praise without an encounter with God isn't praise, just noise. We must get rid of the noise. she challenged us, the church, to let go our our e.g.o.s, ("Easing God Out"). she cried out that the TI's, Chris Browns, Rihanna's of this world, need to hear a prophetic word and experience of prophetic change from the church.

Rev. Lowery came from Revelation 21 speaking of the new heaven and the earth, which is to come, but is taking place now on earth. God is doing a new thing. I guess if you would title his message, it would have been "In the Joy of New beginnings" He challenged us to be more informed (read and read more), and that we must deal with poverty through acknowledgment and also challenging the legislatures.

So what is my action plan:

1. check my ego, and begin to re-align myself to God's will because i need healing and i want to be part of the healing of our nation.

2. be more informed. i have hundred of books in my library that i need to read :) so if you are reading this, share with me a website that you find useful for information. i am always online and need to be more informed on the world, so what is your favorite website (it doesn't matter site it is i really just want to know, well as long a not a prono site, lol)

so post your comment below :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

job searching

I am currently job searching and trying to remain positive because i graduate in less than 2 months. I would love to be at a church being a worship/creative arts pastor, and i also have the desire to do religious life/cultural diversity in higher education. So I am beginning to send out my resume. Have had some rejections, but am keeping my headup. I had a discussion with a friend a few days ago who is looking for a job and has not finished their bachelor degree yet because a financial bind is holding them up from finishing. I say this to say that there are many in financial binds that need a helping hand, and so if you are reading this, please pray for others and also be the helping hand to help our fellow brothers and sisters.

"Hold on a little while longer, evrything is gonna be alright"

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Priority Check

I was sitting in my room, thinking about the past and begin to thank God for those moments that people decided that I would not succeed. I thought about the teacher who sat me in the back of the classroom because he/she could not handle my gifting. I thought about the classmates and so called friends who called me names. I thought about family members who say one thing in my face but another to others. I thought about the girl, who who left me with nothing. and I thought about me,, self doubt, not believing in myself.

One of my mentors once said that when Jesus rebuked Peter by saying, "Get thee behind me Satan", Jesus was actually saying, "Peter, don't block my destiny, my calling." For Jesus' destiny lied at the cross, and Peter just could not understand that.

And so now, I see my past in an all new light. I cant have folks blocking my destiny, whether teachers, classmates, friends, significant other, oneself etc. And the truth is... I ain't mad at them!! Actually that is where forgiveness flows. Jesus was not mad at Peter. Jesus needed to be sure that Peter understood the priority.

My priority then is to proclaim the Good news of Jesus Christ. and this world truly need to now about Christ as do our churches who continually fail to be Christ in the world.

So yes, I have a purpose. I have a destiny. AND no one can stop me, not even ME!!

Here We Go

So it is spring break. And I have dedicated my time to officially starting this blog. i don't know what God will lead me to say, or what questions will be posed. But i do know that it is time i start sharing my thoughts. So for those who my be reading this, enjoy. Mostly, i know i will use this space for random thoughts that come throughout the day/week.