Thursday, March 12, 2009

Priority Check

I was sitting in my room, thinking about the past and begin to thank God for those moments that people decided that I would not succeed. I thought about the teacher who sat me in the back of the classroom because he/she could not handle my gifting. I thought about the classmates and so called friends who called me names. I thought about family members who say one thing in my face but another to others. I thought about the girl, who who left me with nothing. and I thought about me,, self doubt, not believing in myself.

One of my mentors once said that when Jesus rebuked Peter by saying, "Get thee behind me Satan", Jesus was actually saying, "Peter, don't block my destiny, my calling." For Jesus' destiny lied at the cross, and Peter just could not understand that.

And so now, I see my past in an all new light. I cant have folks blocking my destiny, whether teachers, classmates, friends, significant other, oneself etc. And the truth is... I ain't mad at them!! Actually that is where forgiveness flows. Jesus was not mad at Peter. Jesus needed to be sure that Peter understood the priority.

My priority then is to proclaim the Good news of Jesus Christ. and this world truly need to now about Christ as do our churches who continually fail to be Christ in the world.

So yes, I have a purpose. I have a destiny. AND no one can stop me, not even ME!!

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Anonymous said...


the greek roots for 'get thee behind me' and 'follow me' are the same. this shed a whole new light on Jesus' interaction with Paul. MAS