Monday, March 2, 2015

Personal List of Reasons I Am Taking Control of My Health

"I realized that God has an enormous work for me to do that I can't do if I'm enormous!" RevMAH 

I have started keeping a list of those things that I have not been able to do or those things that have been a challenge since being morbidly obese.  Here are a few:

  1. Not worry about fitting in chairs or booths
  2. Run a 5k
  3. The looks you get when entering the room
  4. Being called Big Mike/Man (because of weight)
  5. Walk for long period of time without being tired
  6. Travel on planes without seatbelt extension
  7. Fit clothes in closet
  8. Shop at old navy and other retail stores
  9. Not be limited to big and tall men’s store
  10. Increase in my Self esteem
  11. Enjoy dating and eventual marriage
  12. Have children and relish the baby-making process J
  13. Active in sports and not just on the sideline
  14. Fit comfortably in a midsize car with seat belt
  15. Having room to breathe with seatbelt secure
  16. Not having to adjust car seats for comfort
  17. Forced to stay home because don’t have clothes to fit to attend gala event
  18. Not worrying of offending people I sit next to
  19. Shoes lasting longer than a month
  20. No more unintentional food stains or oils on clothes
  21. Sit comfortably in Jacuzzi/tub
  22. Not have to sit in the front seat because of being the biggest passenger
  23. Feeling satisfied with little food and having leftovers
  24. Not to be called fat by little kids
  25. Fit a regular towel around my waist
  26. Use the "normal" weight scale in Dr's office rather than the "elephant" scale hidden in the back. 
  27. No longer self-conscious walking down the street
  28. No longer blocking walkways when seated at restaurants
  29. Shoes no longer leaning over
  30. Considered healthy, handsome, and sexy
  31. Ride rollercoasters and other attractions at amusement parks
  32. Not have to take two seats on a bus
  33. Being hungry and wanting more but not wanting to be seen as greedy
  34. Sleeping comfortably in a full bed / not taking up the entire bed
  35. Being active and not feeling pain all over
  36. Fit in a bathtub comfortably
  37. Attend outings and be annoyed about being tall rather than overweight (fit in seats)

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